Since 1945 we have developed, managed, and owned commercial properties across the Northern New Jersey area. Our continued success stems from our commitment to building strong tenant-landlord relationships and creating a high-quality user experience.


What We Do

Branca Properties, Inc. (BPI) is a full-service property management, development, and ownership company of commercial properties located throughout New Jersey. Established in 1945 by Inez and Barney Branca, BPI began as a way for the Branca family to develop and manage commercial properties in the Meadowlands area of New Jersey. Over the past 70 years, BPI has added a number of office, flex, warehouse-distribution, retail, and hospitality properties to our portfolio. As the Company expands, we remain committed to developing high-quality business environments in prime locations. Our continued success has been a result of our experienced management team that is committed to building strong tenant-landlord relationships. Through our thoughtful management and careful expansion, Branca Properties, Inc. has become one of the most well-respected property managers and developers within New Jersey.

Branca Properties is a first class operation that treats its renters with great care. Our company has signed two leases with Branca and they care about their buildings. They include most of the cleaning services with our office and are always concerned about the offices and properties. Our building has great snow removal and they make sure all services they provide to tenants are done the right way. If you are considering an office or one of their properties — I would recommend them highly!
— Jim Lampariello, Positive Impact Partners



At Branca Properties we believe that building strong relationships starts even before occupancy. From our first encounter with a potential tenant, we work to cultivate a relationship based on transparency, fairness, and trust. We maintain this relationship over time by having an in-house leasing, property management, and accounting team that can respond quickly to a tenant’s needs and concerns. Ultimately, our goal is to establish robust and long-lasting relationships with each and every one of our tenants. 



As a property owners, we allow long-term goals to guide our day-to-day decision making. This means that we care for our properties in a way that preserves their value for many years to come. It also means that we take great care when considering any changes to our portfolio. In the seventy years that Branca Properties Inc. has been in operation, we have not sold any of our properties, and have made changes and acquisitions only after careful consideration. 

Photograph by Ken Kast